Instructions for posters

Must send all papers accepted free digital poster format before 20 November, the mail:

Your poster should have the following characteristics:

  1. It must be in maximum PowerPoint (.ppt) format 2 slides
  2. Typography: Calibri
  3. Poster Title Body recommended size: 16, at least 12
  4. Titles in bold body recommended: 14, minimum of 11
  5. Normal body texts recommended: at least 10
  6. Colors must fit the attached form. With white background and black letters
  7. Images: 1024 x 768, if you put text images ideally texts are no less than body 9, so that they get to see defined
  8. Video: Only format that can be played in PowerPoint, Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  9. There will be a technician in charge of the installation of your presentation.

In case you wish to post videos, to ensure that they can play should record the presentation as CD (option displayed on the menu) File / Archive, as Package for CD or pack as CD and then burn everything in one file. zip.